Proactive Vaccine Outreach Strategy: Ohio: Multipronged Strategies for Current State of the Pandemic

Key Partners: ADRCs, Community-Based Organizations, Home Energy Assistance Program, Local Interpreter, Education Partners, Event Sponsors  


OH has been employing a variety of outreach methods to connect with individuals residing in areas of the state with the lowest vaccine participation rates. Outreach methods include media platforms such as television, radio, newspaper, newsletters, billboards, yard signs, banners, post cards, automated calling campaigns, and even pins and stickers for those who have received their vaccinations. Their community-based partners at the local level continue to offer transportation, host clinics, and even visit shelters and rural homeless camps to provide information and support vaccine access. Below are some more of their exciting activities!

·       One region braided their funding to collaborate with the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and were successful connecting nearly 20% of these individuals with the vaccine. They leveraged their existing HEAP framework/connections (funded outside of this vaccine grant) and braided in outreach resources funded by this vaccine grant (i.e. materials, admin expense, etc) to reach more people.

·       Another region developed a partnership with a local interpreter who is well-known in their Latino community. They have included this individual's image on print materials distributed within their Latino population and are seeing an increase in vaccine rates within that population.

·       A transportation provider in a rural area of the state agreed to travel beyond boundaries to help serve a neighboring county.

·       Two school districts agreed to share vaccine flyers with families, which was a huge win with these relationships that had been building for some time. 

·       A local Head Start program shared flyers, in both English and Spanish, reaching over 800 families!

·       Finally, all regions are looking forward to warmer weather on the horizon, which will make it more likely for individuals to participate in a variety of community events such as farmers markets, local fairs, and festivals. They will be targeting these events as venues to promote access to the vaccine.



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