Welcome to the Administration for Community Living (ACL) Technical Assistance (TA)-Community!

The ACL TA-Community is a collaboration space for the NWD community and partners to stay informed, access resources, and connect with one another! A quick overview of the community's sections:

  • Stay-Up-to-Date: Users can get the latest updates on NWD-related news and upcoming events.
  • Resource Hub: Resources and promising practices related to NWD, ADRCs, COVID-19, and more will be continually updated and posted.
  • "Search the community" search bar: For quick access to resources, events, or posts by a keyword, type into the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Tags: Users can access resources organized by TA topic by clicking on the "View all tags" button on the right-hand side column.

NWD is an ACL initiative. More information on NWD can be found here: https://nwd.acl.gov/.

Click here to view a walkthrough of the TA-Community and quick tips on accessing resources: https://youtu.be/4T-K-CvXPUc

Stay Up-to-Date

Get the latest updates on NWD-related announcements and upcoming events as well as access materials related to past webinars.
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NWD Resource Hub

Stay up-to-date on resources and promising practices related to NWD that will be continually posted.
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COVID-19 and Vaccine Access

Resources specifically related to COVID-19 and vaccine access, including information on the ADRC COVID-19 vaccine access funding opportunity. Please refer to the "Upcoming Events" section of the Stay-Up-to-Date tab to find COVID-19 and vaccine access-related events.
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Care Transitions Community

Welcome to the Care Transitions community! Users can find resources related to Care Transitions.
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NWD/ADRC Community

Welcome to the NWD/ADRC community! Users can join in on discussions and post resources related to NWD.
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VDC Community

Welcome to the VDC Community! Providers can share peer-created resources, join in on discussions, and get information on events related to VDC. For more information on the VDC program, please visit: https://nwd.acl.gov/vdc.html
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CCH National Learning Community

Welcome to the Community Care Hub National Learning Community! Users can join in on discussions, access resources, and share their work with peers.
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Housing & Services Partnership Accelerator

The 2024 Housing and Services Partnership Accelerator (HSPA) through the Housing & Services Resource Center (HSRC)
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Approaching Retirement - Federal Resource Pilot

This section houses materials related to the Federal Resource Guide: Real Life Considerations for Older Adults Pilot
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